Acrylic painting of a lady holding roses. Step by step painting tutorial


painting of a woman holding roses



Material used:

Acrylic paints by ColorByFeliks, shop here

Blending brushes by ColorByFeliks, shop here

Detail brushes from Amazon, shop here

mop brush by Kingart shop here

 20 inch x 16 inch stretched canvas


For a more realistic looking hair: build your colors gradually; start with a dark color (crimson red+ burnt amber + black ), let it fully dry.

Now shape the hair with a slightly lighter color mix (burnt sienna).

Now follow the light source of the painting (in this one the light is coming from the right), now add highlights on part of the hair. Use a fine round brush to create random hairs. Work on different parts of the hair, but focus more on the right side.


Watch the tutorial:

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